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Department of Spatial Planning

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The Department of Spatial Planning organise and deliver lessons in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies in the spirit of modern theory and practice of spatial planning in Europe and the world. The foundations of the studies are geographic sciences with the application of the most current methods and techniques in spatial planning. The programme is based on the integral approach to planning and it is considerably enriched with subjects from areas of social and economic sciences, especially in masters and doctoral studies. It provides insights into the contemporary legislative, politicology and methodological grounds of spatial planning in the European Union. Thus, the students easily fit in study programmes or practical work in schools and institutions for spatial planning, as well as the local, regional or state administration of the countries in the EU, the USA or elsewhere. The Department of Spatial Planning is a full member of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) and, a network of scientific institutions engaged in spatial planning in Europe. The professors and assistants of the Department have, besides delivering lessons, been engaged in working in various scientific research projects funded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, they have run or taken part in developing numerous planning documents particularly of strategic character, and they are active members of numerous vocational associations in Serbia and abroad. The focus of scientific work in this programme is traditionally related to the theoretical, methodological and doctrinal issues of spatial planning, as well as to the options and kinds of application of results of fundamental and applicative scientific research in practice of spatial and urban planning in Serbia. A range of studies has recently extended and deepened becoming more Europe-oriented. The chair organises and delivers lessons and training of students and conducts all the activities the training entails (expert field trips, seminars, undergraduate, masters and doctoral studies etc.), and the Institute unifies all the activities, organises scientific and professional work, work in scientific projects, runs the publications in the domain of spatial planning, establishes contacts with foreign institutions from the area of spatial planning etc. There are about 300 students in undergraduate and masters studies today. Since 2006/07, masters programmes have conducted according the new programme, and since 2007/08 undergraduate studies have conducted according to new programme as well, fully harmonised with the Bologna Declaration. Furthermore, 18 doctoral theses are in progress, approved by Academic Council of the Faculty and Professional boards of the University of Belgrade.


Ph.D. Zora Živanović, associate professor

Department of Spatial Planning


Ph.D. Zora Živanović, associate professor Ph.D. Dejan FIlipović, full professor Ph.D. Branka Tošić, full professor Ph.D. Velimir Šećerov, full professor Ph.D. Bogdan Lukić, full professor Ph.D. Tijana Dabović, associate professor Ph.D. Zora Živanović, associate professor Ph.D. Marija Jeftić, assistant professor Ph.D. Bojan Vračarević, assistant professor Ljubica Duškov, assistant Teodora Nikolic, assistant Branko Protić, assistant Andrijana Mirković Svitlica, assistant Bojana Pjanović, assistant