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Master programme: Geographic Information System (GIS)

  /  Master programme: Geographic Information System (GIS)

The MSc Geographic Information System (GIS) involves two semesters (60 ECTS) of lectures followed by an individual research project.

Academic title: Master Analyst for Geographic Information Systems

Compulsory courses:
GIS Project Management, Development of geospatial databases; GIS analysis and modelling; Cartography and visualization of geospatial data.

Elective courses*:
Elective courses in 1st semester: Remote Sensing; Geospatial data collection and integration.
Elective courses in 2nd semester: Geostatistics; GIS programming; GIS analysis of physical-geographical phenomena and processes; GIS analysis of socio-geographic objects and processes; GIS analysis in geospatial protection; GIS analysis in planning and arrangement of space.
*In 1st semester student elects 1 out of 2 courses. In 2nd semester student elects 3 out of 6 courses.