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Organizational Structure

  /  Organizational Structure

The organizational structure consists of the Dean’s Office (with Secretary’s office, Division of Student affairs, Financial and Technical services), five departments with five study programs (Geography, Tourismology, Spatial Planning, Demography, Geospatial and Environmental Science), ten sub-departments (Physical Geography, Social Geography, Regional Geography, Cartography, GIS, Didactics and Methodology of Geography Teaching, Tourismology, Spatial Planning, Demography, Geospatial and Environment Science), Institute of Faculty of Geography (INGEF), Publishing Center, library, several laboratories (Laboratory for Physical Geography, Laboratory for Cartography, Computing Laboratory and Environmental Laboratory) and Education and Science Centre Blazevo. The laboratories are well-equipped – in terms of personnel and technology, and they are used for teaching and scientific research of the teaching staff, teaching associates and students in the area of geography, tourismology, spatial planning, demography and geospatial and environmental science.

The organisational units involved in teaching and scientific research are fundamental to creating the “new” Serbian geography, that has rapidly developed since the 1960s. They are the main initiators of spreading new geographic, tourismologic, spatial planning, demographic and geographic-ecologic ideas and concepts.